Friday, June 26, 2015

SIM's 2015 "Live Your Dream" Recipient is Installed as a Member.

On May 31, 2015, SIM held their annual “Hats Off To You” Sunday Brunch and Annual Awards & Installation of Officers event at Lorenzo’s Restaurant, Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island.

On this day, we had the privilege of installing Mrs. Valerie Coleman as a SIM member. Valerie was our very own "Live Your Dream" recipient this year and we delighted that she has chosen to make SIM a part of her bright future. 

The following is Valerie's acceptance speech:

"Hello Soroptimist Women:

   My name is Valerie Coleman. I am very honored and proud to become a sister of the Soroptimist Women’s Club; and to be instated in Staten Island where I spent my childhood growing up. Moving from a house on Arnold’s Street to the Mariners harbor projects was probable the start of my hardships.  

I thank and appreciate this organization for choosing to award me for my effort to continue my education.  Many life’s disturbances has caused me to be a late bloomer; achieving a degree at age 50, and I am still seeking higher education.  You have also inspired me to apply for other scholarships. 

I also thank you for welcoming me to become one of you, Soroptimist Women.  Whatever role I can play to repay the club for the way you have inspired me and lifted my spirit please inform me. " 

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